Live Webcast

When BeaconLive facilitates and produces your webcast, we provide a professional camera crew to record your presentation and seamlessly stream it live via the web.  With a recorded and fully edited copy of your presentation, you can now leverage your presentation for future e-commerce or promotional use.


BeaconLive can send a videographer to your location (or multiple if required) to capture the audio/video of the speaker(s) presentation.  In conjunction with our computer, the live video stream can be broadcast live to the Internet for registered, remote attendees to view in real time or recorded for re-purpose.

Webcast Technician:

Some customers have already invested in their own video equipment to save in the cost of producing webcasts.  BeaconLive recognizes the intelligence of this decision and has the ability to work with you and your video team by arriving on site and connecting the video to a host PC and broadcasting the feed live to the Internet.  We handle the webcast portion while you control the video feed.

Remote Webcast:

Further to sending a webcast technician, perhaps you have the staff and ability to assist not only with the video technology, but to manage the connection from the video to a host PC (any laptop).  This provides additional flexibility and cost reduction as there is no need for BeaconLive to send a person on site.  The end result is the same as if we were there with a high quality audio/video broadcast and capture.  The only difference is no people are sent on location and the on-site technology / connection is managed by you.  The webcast is still broadcast through BeaconLive servers and is managed by experts from our studio.

Audio Capture:

A no video solution.  In many cases during live, in person, events our customers have multiple or concurrent sessions they wish to record the audio from.  We can either send someone on site to capture all the audio or you can simply have the physical location provide a phone in the room and we can record remotely – remote recording is a very high quality solution and is more cost effective.  In either recording solution, our production team can provide you with a high quality audio recording or synchronize the audio recording with the presentation for your later use / playback.

 The BeaconLive Difference

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You have decided that having your event recorded and streamed over the web is the best solution to bring your event to an audience around the world.  When you partner with BeaconLive to deliver your production, we eliminate the chances of any important details falling through the cracks.  Allow BeaconLive to develop a registration page with your company’s look and feel for your attendees to register for your event, implement CE services to allow your attendees to redeem credit for attending your event, and edit your final recording to create an event that you can repurpose for later use.  When you partner with BeaconLive to deliver your Webcast, we handle all of the details required to producing a professional event, while guaranteeing a flawless delivery from your conference room to your audience around the world.

Are you interested in seeing how BeaconLive can provide a solution to your webinar delivery needs?  Schedule a customized Live Demo of BeaconLiveWEB and BeaconCE with a dedicated account manager.