Mobile Viewing and Participation


BeaconLive has gone MOBILE…and you don’t need an App for that!

We’re all guilty of checking our emails on our smartphones while in line at Starbucks or skimming the latest news headlines on the iPad while waiting for a meeting to start.  You can’t beat the convenience of mobile access when you’re on the go, which is why tablets are expected to become the preferred and primary device for people around the world by 2016.  As the world becomes mobile friendly in every imaginable way, we at BeaconLive understand the necessity in building a mobile platform to keep your events on the cutting edge of webinar and webcast delivery.


IN addition to the convenient browser-based (no software or app downloads required!) access, each of your attendees will be able to participate in the webinar or webcast through the same live chat, surveys or Q&A sessions as when they attend from their desktops.  All of BeaconLive’s continuing education tools can be available as well to verify participation or test the attendee following the event.


Mobile participation features includes:

      • Full continuing education platform, including verification of participation, post-event testing, evaluations and certificate delivery for attendees.
      • Live Surveys, Polls and Q&A session with the presenters
      • Direct chat with the event moderator
      • Reliable “no-download solution”
      • OnDemand event access


The BeaconLive Difference

When you partner with BeaconLive to deliver your webinar or webcast, we’ll provide your attendees with easy access to your event, regardless of how they are attending.  Schedule a customized demo with BeaconLive today