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How to Integrate your Social Media Plan

Posted by BeaconLive, April 20, 2012 2:31 pm

In today’s world where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social networks are a part of a person’s life from when they wake up to that last notification before bed, having an integrated social media marketing strategy is important to any company. Relying simply on blogging or one social media site will just not cut it any longer. Today a plan needs to be set on how a company will be on top of social media trends and on networks that apply to their business.


Simply having the goal of having a larger number of followers on twitter or Facebook is never a good starting point for a company. Quality is always better than quantity, and social networks are no exception to this rule. Having several thousand followers who do not interact with your brand is almost worthless. It will not create any sort of loyalty for your brand. So in creating your goals, in terms of social media, make the goal about improving something that can relate to profits for your company. Such as to increase brand awareness, increase awareness to sell a product, or customer engagement.


Having an editorial calendar in the office detailing the marketing team’s strategy for the week or month helps to break down the different jobs and roles each member of the team needs to complete in order to accomplish the goals the team has set. This way everyone has easy access to seeing the projects at hand so they can be accomplished on time. It takes the some of the stress away when planning how you will achieve something. Instead you sit down one day a month and plan the actions your team will take, and from there you execute those steps making adjustments when needed.


With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Flicker, and so many other social media networks on the Internet today it’s difficult to manage them and effectively reach all of your potential audience. Whether you have a whole team to manage your company’s social networks, or you are the entire social media marketing team, these tips will help to make your life easier on the social media platform.


-       Don’t over extend how many social networks your on

-       If you are on a social network make sure you have a presence on it, even if you are only updating the account once or twice a week

-       Interact with your customers

-       Know when to respond to a negative comment and when to ignore it

-       Create a net presence with your company

-       Provide interesting and useful content to your audience

-       Don’t sound like a robot, humanize your company

-       Be professional but have fun!


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